Almaas online course: Inquiry, the Vehicle of Endless Enlightenment

I am happy to announce that it is now possible to learn the practice of inquiry through a new online course by A.H. Almaas, called Inquiry, the Vehicle of Endless Enlightenment. In this online course I will be one of the inquiry teachers.

For the past 25 years, Diamond Approach teachers at the Ridhwan School have taught a specific form of spiritual investigation we call Inquiry — a deep exploration of our moment-to-moment experience and the patterns that impede “the free unfoldment of the soul”.

The core practice of the renowned Diamond Approach, Inquiry uses whatever is happening right now as the entrypoint to unlimited discovery.

Now for the first time, this innovative tool is being shared in detail online. It is taught in an interactive twelve-week program presented by A.H. Almaas, co-founder Karen Johnson, and senior teachers Jessica Britt and Sandra Maitri.

Inquiry is a modern methodology requiring no special training or background. Your only prerequisite is the sincere desire for truth.

Your registration for the online course Inquiry includes:

  • 9 video learning sessions with A.H. Almaas.
  • 3 online Inquiry group sessions facilitated by a certified Diamond Approach teacher. I will be teaching one of these groups.
  • 4 live Q&A sessions one with each of the course senior teachers
  • Exclusive membership in a private Facebook group.
  • Written course materials including session summaries and highlights, weekly exercises for solo, partner, or triad practice, questions for reflection, and more.

I think this is unique opportunity to work with A.H. Almaas and I am very happy to be part of this event as one of the online teachers!

Endless Enlightenment: new online course by A.H. Almaas

I am really looking forward to this e-course! It is about Runaway Realization, Endless Enlightenment and the View of Totality. This is the first Diamond Approach online course by AH Almaas, one of the founders of the Diamond Approach.

The View of Totality is the view that all teachings have different ultimate truths about reality that are all equally valid. It is not that they are different definitions of one ultimate truth, but actually are different ultimate truths. For instance the “emptiness” of Tibetan Buddhism is not the same as the ‘Self’ in Advaita. Reality is ultimately so inexhaustible and mysterious that it can never be completely defined and can hold many ultimate truths!

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Is the ego a colossal mistake?

Is the ego a colossal mistake? Most spiritual teachings say so. They consider the ego an enemy, an illusion, some weed that has to be torn out, or a side of you that is fundamentally wrong and needs to be conquered.

The Diamond Approach does not. The Diamond Approach maintains that the ego is a state of an arrested or halted development of a process towards being the personal essence. That process has come to a stop or has slowed down tremendously. The personal essence is that part of you that can function in the world from essence instead of from your ego.

This is how A.H Almaas describes this question of the status of the ego in his book about the personal essence, called The Pearl beyond Price. 

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