Is the ego a colossal mistake?

Is the ego a colossal mistake? Most spiritual teachings say so. They consider the ego an enemy, an illusion, some weed that has to be torn out, or a side of you that is fundamentally wrong and needs to be conquered.

The Diamond Approach does not. The Diamond Approach maintains that the ego is a state of an arrested or halted development of a process towards being the personal essence. That process has come to a stop or has slowed down tremendously. The personal essence is that part of you that can function in the world from essence instead of from your ego.

This is how A.H Almaas describes this question of the status of the ego in his book about the personal essence, called The Pearl beyond Price. 

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Unique Handbook of Body Psychotherapy


Yes! Today I received my order for the Handbook Body Psychotherapy. 1000 pages! My friend Gustl Marlock has been working on this book for many, many years and I have talked with him about it many times. So nice to have it in my hands now! Almost all types of bodywork are covered and most of the well-known bodyworkers wrote an article in it. This handbook is unique. There is nothing like it yet.

One article that has my special interest is the one about the Awakened Body, written by Diamond Approach teachers Jessica Britt and Linda Krier, because I am a Diamond Approach teacher myself and this article presents bodywork from the perspective of the Diamond Approach. Linda Krier has been one of the teachers from whom I learned bodywork.