Unique Handbook of Body Psychotherapy


Yes! Today I received my order for the Handbook Body Psychotherapy. 1000 pages! My friend Gustl Marlock has been working on this book for many, many years and I have talked with him about it many times. So nice to have it in my hands now! Almost all types of bodywork are covered and most of the well-known bodyworkers wrote an article in it. This handbook is unique. There is nothing like it yet.

One article that has my special interest is the one about the Awakened Body, written by Diamond Approach teachers Jessica Britt and Linda Krier, because I am a Diamond Approach teacher myself and this article presents bodywork from the perspective of the Diamond Approach. Linda Krier has been one of the teachers from whom I learned bodywork.

New bookshelf for new books!

New Bookshelf for new books

I recently bought two 800 pages books, so I decided I needed to add more bookshelves in the living room… which means I also will have more space again for new books. 🙂

These two thick books are Handbook of Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology from my friend Gustl Marlock, and the new revised 2011 Textbook of Psychoanalysis.